The Best Approach to Solar

Created as an "all-in-one" solar solution, sunMAX™ helps existing and new install companies bring cost savings to customers everywhere. Our Grid-tied kit installs in minutes and includes free sunMAX software for solar design, sales, permitting and monitoring. Get trained today via our online video course and comprehensive knowledge base.

Why sunMAX?

More customers today opt for Grid-tied Solar to lower their energy bills. With sunMAX, enjoy a much simper, faster installation and the best economics around.

Pay Less, Save More

At disruptive prices, sunMAX entitles you to a smart, safe investment through easy financing and popular incentive programs. Start saving from day one with no money down financing, while also increasing property value.

Purpose-Driven Engineering

Designed as a complete, plug-and-play hardware kit, sunMAX boasts the fastest install time (6kW/man hour). Less cost/overhead means more profit and savings. Backed by a competitive 25-year warranty.

Free Tools and Services

sunMAX empowers installers though free, professional Solar Design, Sales, Permitting and Monitoring software. Enroll in online training, then chat with our engineers to kickstart your solar business.

Free Solar Business Software

Geometry Design

Create and save sunMAX customer sites with our simple solar simulator. Build arrays to offset your customer's total annual energy consumption for maximum cost-savings.

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Free Solar Business Software

Sales Proposal

Retrieve estimates of the lifetime cost-savings and ROI for the sunMAX system created in the Geometry Design tool. Download a summarized report to pitch/close sales with your customers.

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Free Solar Business Software

Permitting Service

For a limited time, our expert team of in-house engineers design free, professional-grade plansets to obtain building permits for the sunMAX system.

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Free Solar Business Software

Live Monitoring

Download the Install App to scan QR Codes for the sunMAX Panels during installation, then track production in real-time & historically via the Online Cloud Portal.

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Free Solar Business Software

Web & Media Ad Kits

Brand your solar company using our customizable web and advertising templates. Then launch a local marketing campaign to reach more customers.


Learn Solar

To educate installers about sunMAX & the solar field, Ubiquiti offers a free online training course in which you can also certify as a "Ubiquiti Solar Residential Specialist."

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System Overview

Roof Mounts
End Run

The DC Solar Panels (SM-SP-260W-DC) are installed on customer rooftops in different layouts, including portait, landscape and/or a combination of both.

  • Efficient, clean power reduction
  • Fastest, simplest install
  • Reliable, proven technology

The Microinverter mounts onto the sunMAX Solar Panel as an independent power generation unit, converting DC-to-AC power for immediate energy availabilty at the customer site. Ubiquiti's cloud-based sunMAX software provides monitoring capability for desktops and mobile services.

  • High Efficiency and Safe Operation
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Integrated, Modular Design
  • Worldwide Compliance
sunMAX Solar Gateway
Solar Gateway Installed
sunMAX Cloud Monitoring Portal

The Solar Gateway (SM-SG) communicates with each sunMAX Microinverter in the array via Bluetooth, then broadcasts data via Ethernet across the customer LAN for Monitoring support.

1.04kW Shingle Roof Install
4.16kW Tile Roof Install
1.04kW Metal Roof Install

The Composite Shingle (SM-RM-C) and Tile (SM-RM-T) Mount Systems structurally support sunMAX arrays across a variety of customer rooftops with roof flashing and minimal penetration for a watertight installation.

End Run Kit
End Run Connects to Array
End Run Transitions to AC Writing

The End Run Kit provides easy adaptation of cabling from the sunMAX array to the main electrical panel feeding the grid. It connects sunMAX AC Trunk Cabling in the solar array to line-side wiring that feeds into the electrical panel at the customer site. The End Run Kit includes the End Run Assembly, a Cabling End Cap and a Grounding Kit (stud and nut).

Mounts and Connectors
The Mounting Assemblies (SM-MA), Connector Mounts (SM-CM) and Panel Connectors (SM-PC) support the bond system.
Trunk Cabling
The AC Trunk Cabling (SM-JC, SM-YC), interconnects up to 15 sunMAX Modules via "Plug-and-play" for custom array layouts.
Cable Fasteners
The Cable Support Clips (SM-CC-50) hook and snap cables underneath the array for protection.